Jervis Bay a holiday destination for all seasons Located in the Shoalhaven the No.1 Tourist Destination NSW Australia -

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The perfect holiday destination

Jervis Bay beckons as a perfect place to relax and enjoy the ever-changing natural beauty of the NSW South Coastal region. The expansive coastal bay area is surrounded by charming seaside villages, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, all bounded by national parks.

Jervis Bay is famous for the outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving conditions. Whale, seal and dolphin watching, scenic cruises, picnic facilities and walking tracks are all abundantly available in the surrounding Jervis Bay National Park.

Jervis Bay on the South Coast offers the perfect holiday destination for families or couples to enjoy that beach holiday with a difference. Quality boutique shopping, restaurant, cafes, bistros, clubs and pubs are plentiful in the various townships around the bay.

The surrounding areas is the home to many fine wineries most offering tours and samplings.

Jervis Bay Whale Watching Festival

Jervis Bay Whale Watching Festival

Is a celebration of Jervis Bays ability to showcase Eco Tourism at it's best.

Whales, seals & dolphins wild in their natural environment with a viewing option to suit all requirements, land based, commercial cruises to exclusive small eco cruises.Discover interesting facts on these magnificent creatures and also your options and best times to view them in their natural environment.

Jervis Bay offers a viewing option to suit all, land based, commercial cruises to exclusive small eco cruises.

Visit the Jervis Bay Whale Watching Festival web site here

  Jervis Bay offers some of the best whale watching experiences in Australia.   

  Jervis Bay is fortunately placed so, that the migration, both north and south can be 
  observed as they pass the entrance to Jervis Bay, frequently entering the bay to rest. 
  The majority of whales sighted at Jervis Bay are the Humpback whales, which migrate along 
  the east coast from June to November. 
  However we do see other species on occasions such as Southern Right whales, 
  False Killer Whales, Orcas, Minke whales and on one occasion sighted the 
  largest of all the Blue Whale.

  Explore the natural wonders of Jervis Bay above and below the surface...
Jervis Bay offers some of the most diversified scuba diving along the Australian East Coast, now a Marine Park; it is regarded by many as the southern alternative to the Great Barrier Reef.

The surrounding waters and parkland of Jervis Bay are all part of the 'Jervis Bay Marine and Booderee National Parks' and are home to a wide diversity of temperate water marine life (with a few visiting tropical species every now and again!).

Jervis Bay Area Wineries

The Shoalhaven region now boasts 19 wine grape growers, 11 cellar doors and 6 operating wineries with a total production of 500 tonnes or approximately 400,000 bottles. Growth continues apace with 4 new vineyards currently under development.

Say G'day From Jervis Bay on your next beach holiday

Jervis Bay famous for its national parks, pristine beaches whale watching and dolphin pods. 
 The Booderee National Park boasts several out-of-the-way camping spots such as 
 Green Patch and Caves Beach also some great bush walking tracks.
 You won’t want to miss a visit to nearby Hyams Beach, reputed to have the whitest sand 
 in the world.

  Jervis Bay Marine Park is one of only three marine parks in NSW.
 Jervis Bay is the 3 tiimes larger than Sydney Harbour and 16 km from shore to shore, 
  a total area of 126 square km.

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