If you are going to be staying in Honesdale, PA and are looking for a place to eat (or perhaps you plan to pass through on your way to your destination), depending on what you are craving, chances are you will be able to satisfy that craving.

If you are looking for a fast-food restaurant for a quick-in and quick-out meal, you will be best served to go to the Route 6 Plaza where you have your choice of McDonald's, Arby's, Wendy's, Subway (both in Walmart and as a stand alone store near the Brown St. bridge), and Dunkin' Doughnuts/Baskin Robbins.

However, if you are looking for a relaxing sit-down meal to enjoy with friends or family, you have even more options.  On Honesdale's Main Street, you have a variety of cafe's and restaurant's to choose from.  A partial list of your options are Chinese (China Castle), pizza (Elegante's, Primo Pizza), Hoagies (Tubby's Restaurant, Gretchen's Grotto), and home-town restaurants that serve "normal" foods where the menu description tells you EXACTLY what you are ordering - no guessing (June's Mid-Town Restaurant, Jenz Cafe, Laurel's Restaurant).

At the plaza some of your choices are Chinese Buffet (Ming Court Buffet), and pizza/Italian (Two Guy's from Italy). The restaurants listed are the longest established in the area.  There are more newer restaurants constantly coming. 

For the person looking for a high-end dining experience, Honesdale is probably not for you.  You would be better served looking in Dickson City, near the Viewmont Mall for those restaurants.  For anyone else just looking for a reasonably priced, enjoyable dining experience, check out the restaurants Honesdale has to offer.

The Townhouse Diner is a classic in town diner; great American diner atmosphere, quality food at reasonable prices, delicious pies, and great coffee.  Aficionados of german food will get their fill (literally) at the Alpine Restaurant.  Excellent german specialties and german beer available.  They also have an outstanding butcher shop and imported food store onsite.  Comments from the Keystone Traveler.