Hershey, PA is the home of both Hershey Amusement Park and is the headquarters of the Hershey Chocolate Factory. It is a town of less than 25,000 residents. So, which came first, the chocolate or the people? Depending on who answers this question, it could be either party.

Before the town of Hershey existed, it was known as Derry Church, PA. The town gained its name, "Derry," from the large number of "Dairy" farms in the area. These dairy farms are of the highest quality in the United States. In 1857, a future entrepreneur named Milton Hershey was born into this rural, farm community.

As a young adult, he was a candymaking apprentice. After his four-year apprenticeship, Milton Hershey experienced several failed attempts as a candy-maker in major cities .  He finally found his success in his small hometown area of Lancaster County.

In 1907, He founded Hershey Chocolate as the first modern milk chocolate factory in the world. He also developed a town with character and family values for his workers. This town was called Hershey, PA.

It was incomparable to any Great Depression factory town.  Milton Hershey  valued the contributions of his workers and he wanted to afford them a fulfilling home life. He even thought that his community center, public transportation, and park setting were not appreciative enough of his workers. This is why he built Hershey Park.

Although Hershey Park began as a wooded natural area with lakes and picnic tables, it has become a highly regarded amusement park in the United States. As a town founded on chocolate, the chocolate continues to provide support for an Entertainment and Resorts Company, prestigious private school, and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at Penn State University.