Harrisburg's weather is seasonal, meaning that the region experiences all four seasons each year.  Being located in the northeastern region of the United States, Harrisburg gets fairly cold winters, sometimes with large amounts of snowfall.  The city has a pleasant spring season which tends to arrive earlier than in the northern portion of the state, and sometimes hot summers which can tend to be on the humid side.  Harrisburg's beautiful fall weather is known for its warm days and crisp nights. 

The city is a popular tourist destination in the spring, summer, and fall when tourists come to see its historical attractions and the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in large numbers.  During the winter months tourist visitation drops off, but business travelers come to the city all year long.  Tourists who wish to come to the city during the winter will still find plenty to do and will be pleasantly surprised by the lower hotel prices offered then.

To see an up to the minute forecast of Harrisburg's weather see the Harrisburg Weather Website.