School is almost out and summer vacation is just around the corner.  Everyone has heard his or her child complain of boredom.  Better than watching TV or staring at the computer, get out and do something!  Vacations give parents and children memories to last a lifetime. Fun family vacations are events to be remembered.  A vacation gives everyone in the family a chance to share the same experiences, to laugh together, play together and just BE together.  Not all vacations require travel, two weeks and big bucks. Local daytrips can be a vacation with imagination and forethought.  Here are a few of our favorite places to go in Elysburg:

Broken Wheel Bison Ranch – Discover the operations of a working Bison Farm.  Did you know a full grown bull can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, clear a six foot fence and has been clocked at speeds in excess of 40 mph?  Take a tour or hayride, try bison meat and stop by their unique gift shop. (570) 799-0805.

Knoebel's Amusement Resort - Bring the whole family to Knoebels for a day of fun, food and fantasy! They have roller coasters, mini golf, kiddie rides, games, gift shops, and award winning food.  FREE admission, FREE parking, FREE entertainment and FREE picnic facilities.;  800-487-4386.

For more information on all the events and attractions in Columbia and Montour counties, contact the Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau at 1-800-847-4810 and request your free copy of our Official Visitors Guide and Calendar of Events.