The trip to Bill’s Old Bike Barn in Bloomsburg is supposed to be worth the trip from anywhere. From Harley Davidson collectibles to John Deere and everything in between, there’s something for everyone in this massive museum.

“Bill” is Bill Morris and he was in the motorcycle business for over 40 years. During those years he gathered quite a collection of parts, bikes and Harley Davidson memorabilia. The museum first opened in 1990 and has been expanding ever since…currently over 25,000 square feet and growing! It’s amazing – there are Harley’s, Moto Guzzi’s, Indians, as well as carousel, circus and Mardi gras memorabilia. It really needs to be experienced to be believed. History comes alive as you stroll through the streets of “Billville” and take in a mock hotel housing a bar from the 1939 World’s Fair. Billville is far from finished but it is truly extraordinary.

The Barn is a mesmerizing stroll back through time. Upon every turn, around each corner you will discover wonders from years gone by. From the gallant 1940 Harley Davidson 45 military motorcycle, 30 caliber machine gun to a 1939 WWII German Kattenkrad half track, there is something for young and old to enjoy. Countless Harley and Indian tins, toys and signs line the walls and over 200 Belgian carousel horses and characters stand guard amongst the treasures tucked inside five reconstructed Pennsylvania barns. A current project is incorporating 30 tons of wrought iron that Bill purchased in Europe several years ago. Massive, ornate wrought iron gates adorn the period style mansion which is complete with parlor and early kitchen.

In all, when you’re feeling nostalgic or want to show the kids or grandkids what things were like back in the good old days…pack up and head to Bill’s. With tributes to people like John Wayne and Evil Kneivel, just to mention a few, you won’t be disappointed!