What to do in Roseburg? 

Do you fish?  The Umpqua River runs through Roseburg at quite a few locations.  Fishing from shore or drift boat is very popular.  You can watch fisherman pull trout and Salmon from the river.  There are fishing guides for those that don't like to venture out on their own.  Off old 99 is the Winchester Fish Ladder.  You get a fish eye's view of Salmon, Steelhead and trout as they jump up the ladder into a holding tank until counted and released. 

HWY 138 out Diamond Lake Blvd towards Diamond Lake and Crater Lake has many waterfalls and hiking trails.   You can pick up a hand guide at the Visitor center or BLM office on the way.  Many like to spend a lazy summer's day driving out and hiking the waterfalls. 


Roseburg also have many parks to take advantage of.

Stewert Park is on the Umpqua River in town and has a nice walking/bike trail that takes you in a circle, through some pine groves, past a bird pond and through a greenbelt.  Fun bike ride for the kids and pleasant for adults too. Takes about 45 minutes to walk circle.

River Fork Park sits where the North and South Umpqua meet.  Beautiful setting for weddings, get togethers and birthday parties.  This is quite a large park so crowds is not an issue no matter the occassion.  You can swim in the river from a small beach during the summer also.  Many fish from the banks of the park and have seen quite a few whoppers being brought in.