On the west coast, Portland takes a back seat to few cities, when it comes to shopping. 

In addition to the expected national department store chains, there are a number of local and regional retailers throughout the city offering goods for all tastes and pocketbooks.  Pioneer Place, a multi-level mall located in central downtown, is a good place to start.  With stores like Tiffany’s, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Apple, Bang & Olufsen, and Moonstruck Chocolates, you’ll find spending your inheritance an easy and pleasant experience.  You can even buy a Vespa here. 

If there’s still room on the credit cards, hop on the streetcar to the trendy Pearl District, where in addition to upscale galleries and boutiques, you’ll find some of Portland’s best restaurants.  Maybe best of all, the Pearl District is the home of Powell’s Books, the world’s largest independent new and used bookstore.  Plan on spending at least a half a day browsing its aisles.  Further out the streetcar line are NW 21st and 23rd Streets, long known as one of Portland’s premier shopping areas.  Eclectic boutiques, like Amai Unmei, provide a unique high-end local shopping experience and, when you need a break, have a glass of wine at a small wine shop such as Taste on 23rd, or a bite to eat at a sidewalk table of one of the many restaurants, delis, or artisan bakeries that line these two streets.

On the east side of the Willamette River are the Sellwood and Hawthorne districts, which in recent years have created their own niche in the Portland shoppers market.  Most of the shops and restaurants in these areas are "one-off" places, owned and operated by local folk.  If you’re looking for funky, you’ll find it here.  One might characterize the Hawthorne and Sellwood areas as Portland’s version of post 1970’s Haight-Ashbury.  Sellwood in particular, is also a favorite area for antique hunters. 

At the other end of the spectrum from Pioneer Place is Saturday Market, a great place to people watch and shop for art, crafts, jewelry, apparel, furniture and more, most of which is made by local artisans.  If the browsing makes you hungry, there’s a wide variety of specialty and ethnic foods sold in the booths and stalls here too.  Some of it’s actually pretty good!  But, as its name implies, Saturday Market is only open on Saturdays (okay, and Sundays too) from the first weekend in March through December.  The week before Christmas, it is open all through the week.

If you feel you've exhausted shopping options in downtown Portland, visit one of the several large malls scattered about the urban and suburban area.  Washington Square, Lloyd Center, and Clackamas Town Center are all favorites - and the latter two are easily reachable using the MAX train.  It's unlikely you'll find too much different than what's available downtown, but many malls have big-box type retailers nearby, so at least you'll have a wider range of options to select from.  The newest of Portland's suburban malls is Bridgeport, located south of the city off the Durham Rd. exit of I-5.  Aside from the shopping, this center represents the latest in the urban village shopping concept.  Consistent with the village theme, it's an outdoor mall, so have your umbrella in tow.

There are also a few outlet areas for the budget minded traveler/shopper.  Woodburn Company Stores, south of Portland about 30 minutes, is a great place to shop. You can catch GOSAFE Shuttle that runs everyday to Woodburn Outlet Stores from Portland Downtown.  The Premium Outlets in Troutdale are a convenient stop after spending the day in the Columbia River Gorge.

 Oregon has no sales tax.  People in Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River, figured that out long ago, and they along with many from California and other states, have helped establish Portland as a place where retailers want to be. 

 Most locals just take it for granted but it is a treat for those who come from states with sales tax..   


Enjoy the Bronze Sculptures while Shopping in Downtown Portland

Several of these Sculptures can be found around the Pioneer Courthhouse.  

The Pioneer Place Mall is nearby and some nice department stores  ( Mercantile and Nordstroms) as well as small shops and Banana Republic etc.

A wonderful sculpture of a man holding an umbrella, stands in the Pioneer Square, where many tourists are photographed with him each day.

For a better look, go to         www.pioneercourthousesquare.org