Taxi cabs are few and far between in Portland and are frequently more expensive than cab service in other, larger cities. Still, there are cabs around if you know how to catch them.  

If you are at Portland International Airport, cabs are available on the lower level outside of the baggage claim area. You can expect to pay approximately $30 for service into downtown Portland.  

Few cabs circle the city looking for fares so it is unlikely that you’ll be able to hail one unless you are leaving a large and busy event. If you are looking for a cab downtown, there is a taxi cab corral on SW Salmon Street between 6th Ave and Broadway. Also, you can stop by any of a number of downtown hotels and ask the doormen to call for you and it shouldn’t take long for a cab to arrive. If you happen to be in Northwest or the Pearl District, you have a very decent chance of catching a cab from the Radio Cab company whose garage is located at NW 16th and Kearney.  

If you are outside of these areas and find yourself in need of a cab, you are vry unlikely to find an available cabdriving down the street. Instead, call one of the Portland cab companies listed below. The wait for a cab can be agonizingly long so be sure to get a definite time estimate from the dispatcher and leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Even though it might seem an efficient way to get a cab fast, do not call multiple companies and request cabs from all of them for the same trip. It’s impolite to the cab drivers (at least to the ones who don’t get there first) and if the cab drivers find out what you’re up to, they’ll likely all leave you stranded. Best to call around first and find out who can promise to be there the soonest and only request a cab from them.  


Radio cab has a current special to PDX from downtown for a flat $26 or from PDX for $28.50 making it a good deal.  You need to print out a coupon first.  Go to:

that makes it competitive with a shuttle for an exclusive ride. 

 PDX Shuttle Portland Airport Transportation Service

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(503) 740-9485 | (503) 564-8683