Portland visitors will find a wide selection of public transportation options. 

One is the MAX light rail system, consisting of five lines, color coded for ease of use.  The main Blue Line serves the city and outlying suburban areas to the east and west.   The Red Line connects the city and the airport.  The Yellow Line provides service to the nearby Expo Center and downtown. The Green Line serves downtown as well as eastern areas including Clackamas Town Center.  The newest Orange Line runs between downtown and the suburb of Milwaukie, and includes OMSI and SE Portland.

MAX trains arrive about every 15 minutes every day, but may run less frequently late at night.  Single fares start at $2.50 for a 2 1/2 hour all zone ride. An all zone, all-day fare is $5. Discounts are available for Seniors, Youth (under 18) and on multiple tickets or multi-day passes. 

Another option is the Portland Streetcar system. Streetcars follow a single loop through the downtown area and to NW 23rd and Marshall then back, and also connects to the Aerial Tram.  The Streetcars run approximately every 13 minutes, from 5:30 am until 11:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Until 11:45 on Friday and Saturday nights and until 10:30 on Sunday nights.   The Streetcar system operates on the same fare system as the MAX.  Each Streetcar has a farebox, tickets can be bought with coins and dollar bills.  

Keep your ticket with you, you can be asked to show it.

The local buses are also part of the same system.  Numerous lines and routes are available around the city and its outlying suburbs.  Depending on the route and day, they typically run from 6 a.m. to midnight.

For more information on routes:   http://trimet.org/maps/citycenter.htm