Most of what people hear about Portland is that it rains alot.

Yes, it does rain in Portland, but it if you visit with the attitude that you WILL enjoy the unpredictable weather rain or not, you are going to have a great vacation most of the year. Portland's average annual rainfall is about 37", which is about the same as many east coast cities.

Weather worldwide is changing and the only thing you can count on in Oregon is that you can't count on having blue skies all the time. Oregon's summer generally starts July 4th or there abouts. There will be some snow most years, although it tends to fall more at slightly higher elevations than downtown Portland, and rarely more than an inch or two falls at one time. The occasional bad snowstorm can leave the city practically paralyzed for a day or two! Even June is not optimal for camping unless you are used to the weather here but many camp or get a cabin for the beauty of this weather. Some/most of the passes close during the worst of the snow storms. The winter, from as early as November is so very unpredictable that you could have snow and cold until July 5th. But not necessarily every day or even every week. You can count on it being cold.

Often the rain in Portland will fall as a drizzle, which may go on all day long, or clear  up by afternoon. Fog is not uncommon, and the grey days combined with the short hours of light can sometimes seem endless. But a lot of the attractions are very beautiful in all sorts of weather. Come prepared with layers of clothes so that you can enjoy these weather changes. Some love a stormy coast. Don't hesitate to enjoy Oregon rain or not.

Summer temperatures are overall fairly mild, with many days in the mid to upper 80's range, with low humidity compared to much of the central and eastern USA.  There are generally at least two or three heat waves where the temperatures will soar to the upper 90's or into the low 100's, but fortunately these are usually of short duration.

Many native Oregonians pride themselves on never carrying an umbrella, but if you walk around downtown Portland in the rain you'll see many business people using them. Everybody visiting any part of Oregon should always bring a water-resistant or repellent jacket with a hood, no matter what time of year.  Resist just looking out a rainy window- go on out and enjoy!   ;o)

So, weather and when to visit? Use your imagination and anytime is good. An almost frozen  Multnomah Falls is indeed a beyond beautiful sight to see. A misty river can awe and amaze when looked at up close. A nice hot day, then wait until mid-July.