The city of Portland Oregon has both on-street metered parking as well as parking garages. They use electronic parking meters (also called SmartMeter Paystations). For information about how to use these, click on the website: 

Pay attention to where you are supposed to place your parking stub in your vehicle. It must go on the curbside window, not the street side, or you may risk getting a parking ticket.

If you have a valid Handicapped / Disabled Person placard, you may park free along the street in any unrestricted space. You must clearly display the placard. This will be valid through at least December 31, 2012. For more information... 

Finding Parking

Online: You can find parking online by searching on this map for Portland parking. The blue bubbles show where all the open parking lots and garages are located in the area.  Click on any of the bubbles to get more information on that parking structure (rates, hours of operation, payment options, etc.).   To find the cheapest parking, use the "Compare Rates" function on the left.  Just enter the amount of time you are planning to park for and it will calculate the rates for all the parking lots in the area so you know just how much you will be paying for parking.  

Smartphone App: You can also find parking while on the go by using your smartphone.  Download the BestParking app for iPhone or Android, or visit on your smartphone's mobile browser.  The app is free to download and use and can help you find nearby parking wherever, whenever.