Newport, Oregon has a maritime (oceanic)  temperate climate that generally does not have *extreme* temperature swings throughout the year. The ocean dominates the climate and temperatures all year round.  The occasional exception to this is when the "east winds" come in and bring temporarily hot weather for a few days of the year, often in May or September.  

Summer in Newport does not get terribly hot, the average temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s. However, if you go slightly inland, even as little as 1/2 mile, the summer temperatures will rise accordingly. Between three and five miles inland the average summer temperatures are as much as 10º higher. Summer also brings brisk daily breezes to the beaches. Rain is limited from early July through to the end of September, with only occasional showers.

Fall can have lovely warm dry weather or grey, damp weather - or often is a combination of both.  Daily temperatures remain pleasant through to about mid-October. Rain can begin any time after that, although some years remain mostly dry through to early November.

The winter rains set in in earnest by mid-November, and it rains a great deal in the winter. Newport receives about 70" of rain each year, with much of it falling between early November and late April. Even if a day does not have rain, sunlight is in short supply until spring. Snow is usually an annual occurence, although the snowfall is limited to just an inch or two at a time. Freezing nights are common throughout the winter with temperatures down to about 25º and when conditions are right, hail falls several times a year in scattered downbursts. Winter also brings regular storms with fierce winds which lash the headlands.

Spring in Newport is pleasant and off-and-on wet, as the rain continues. Temperatures begin to warm up in early March. By mid to late June, summer has arrived :-)

Fog can occur at any time of year. Summer fog is thickest when it is extremely hot in the inland Willamette Valley, since the heat pulls the ocean dampness inland. Winter fogs are often coupled with very low clouds and rainy weather.

You can visit the Newport Chamber of Commerce website  It has a live weather cam located on the Yaquina Bay Bridge plus links to current weather conditions and future forecasts.

Enjoy your visit to Newport, no matter what the weather :-)