Medford is located in the southwest area of Oregon, in the Rogue Valley.between the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains. 

The region experiences four distinct seasons all defined as almost textbook.

Summers are hot and sunny with temperatures averaging just above 90º, although it is not uncommon for summer temps to soar over 100º.  Humidity is fairly low and the dry air makes the heat more bearable.

Autumn is a superb time to visit as the deciduous trees in Medford and the nearby mountains put on a showcase of fall foliage displays, while temperatures remain pleasant, most often in the 70s.

Winter in Medford brings occasional snow, with an annual average of about three inches.  Most nights are at or below freezing. Winter also can bring cold damp fog in the city, although the slightly higher surrounding areas have less fog. The surrounding higher elevations receive much more snow than on the valley floor. 

Spring is very pleasant with mild, mostly sunny days and temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

Outdoor activities include golf, hiking, rafting, fishing including salmon fishing, baseball, softball, soccer, running and biking. The temperate climate allows many of these activities year round. 

With only about 21" of rain a year, Medford receives less rainfall than much of western Oregon. This amount of precipitation is roughly comparable to San Francisco. December is usually the wettest month. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in southern Oregon, it's always good to dress in layers to prepare for all weather conditions.

Enjoy your time in Medford :-)