The Columbia Gorge has  over 25 wineries  and an abundance of award winning wines to sample. They are now their own AVA, and grow many types of great wines including Reisling,  Pinot, Barbera, Cab, Merlot and many other varietals including organic wines.

You may take a tour if you like or drive through the Fruit Loop from exit 62 to and through exit 64 along Oregon 35 to visit the wineries in the area. Watch for the signs as you drive if you do it yourself. Merge onto I-84 east or west at the end of Oregon 35.

The wineries are great, the winemakers savvy and new wine drinkers can learn how to swirl, smell and sip while also learning how wine is made and produced. Prices are great, the wineries are small so you always get to talk to the winemakers and meet new friends. Some have open patio seating and often serve barbeques or sandwiches.