The Eugene area is a great place to explore Oregon wines.  Within just a few miles of town you can visit many different wineries, with many different approaches to tasting room style and types of wines.  Here is a good cross section of what's available:  Very warm reception, simply outstanding reserve pinots.  Once again, great pinots (is there a pattern here?) in a laid back setting  OK, the wines here are only average, but the ambiance and view can't be beat. Friendliest place in the state.  Eugene's original winery and still the best.  Excellent wines at excellent prices in an elegant, relaxed atmosphere.  A staple for locals.  No tour of Eugene area wineries is complete without a visit here. Excellent wines, and facilities that would fit into Napa.  Great tour company.  Drivers and phone staff are very knowledgeable about area wineries.     

 You should plan on spending 5 to 8 hours on your tour, visiting about one winery per hour or so (don't rush to see as many places as you can cram into the day - you'll forget them all).   Bring a lunch - there are many great places to enjoy a picnic along the way.

Don't forget - even tasting wine can impair your driving.  So bring a designated driver or hire a driving service.