Most people think that the Pacific Northwest is all trees, green landscapes and rain!   But there is a great variety of geological features and climate here, which includes some areas which are high desert and true desert.

Bend is nestled in the Central Oregon High Desert at about 3,600 feet in elevation. The overall climate is fairly dry, as it gets less than 12" of precipitation a year, with at least half this falling as winter snow.

Spring is usually delightful with mild, pleasant temperatures.  The occasional rain brings green pastures and wildfowers in abundance.

Summers are warm and dry, and although summer thunderstorms are to be expected, the rain they bring is usually brief and mild. Summer temps in Bend range from very warm (in the 80's) to very hot (over 100º). Huge temperature swings each day are not unexpected, and sometimes night frosts continue into June.

Fall is very pleasant, with comfortably warm temperatures and dry days. Crisp nights with frosts will begin usually in September.

Winter in Bend can be very cold!  Whilst many days may hover around 40º, daytime highs in the 20's are not uncommon. Night time lows will be below freezing for about four months of the year, with snow falling from late October through April and sometimes May. However, Bend does not get extremely heavy snowfalls, usually just a few inches at a time.

Every season in Bend has something different to offer the traveler. If you are winter sports fan, include Bend as one of your favorite spots for skiing. The city is equipped with the facilities and rental stores that will put you on the mountains ready to ski, snow hike, snow board or cross country ski.

If you visit Bend in the spring and summer, you can enjoy the many locations and trails where you can hike, bike, ride horses or camp. Many outdoor activities continue into the fall until the first snow.