In Downtown Tulsa you can "experience" the Center of the Universe!  No, it's not a restaurant, or a trendy club... it's a manhole cover located on the pedestrian bridge that spans the train tracks, right next to the old train station.  Located within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, on east 2nd St, travel one block east to the old depot, and turn right (north).  The old train depot is now refurbished into office space, however the concrete structure still bears the name Tulsa Depot.  Travel onto the bridge to the center circle of brick and plant yourself on the manhole cover.

Say something and you will hear an eerie reverberation when standing in the middle of the brick formation in the sidewalk. This can only be heard by the person speaking.  If you stand on the opposite side of the bridge circle from someone else, you hear their echo, but not your own.  Some people believe the "echo" is from the surrounding buildings while others believe the phenomenon is caused by the circle of 20-24 inch tall concrete planters spaced equally apart around the spot where you stand.  In the past, the spot was a stopping point for Tulsa Ghost tours.  No one has yet discerned what the true cause, but it is something unique and quirky to experience in downtown Tulsa!