Coming and going from Oklahoma City is as straightforward as movement within the region.  The Will Rogers Airport services the metropolitan area, with millions of annual flights and an increasing number of airlines hosted.

Driving around the state capital is easy, navigable, and the transportation mode of choice.

Public transportation in the city is not terribly frequent, but it is extensive and affordable, which is a start.  METRO transit is under the umbrella organization of the city’s Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA).  At only $1.25, a ticket to ride is cheaper here than in most cities.  Check the website for full schedule and fare information.

The greater metropolitan Oklahoma City area is well covered by the capital’s bus system, with the severe limitation that they do not run on Sundays.  If you plan on taking trips outside city limits, it would be best to drive your own vehicle to Oklahoma City or to rent a car once there.