The majority of people who travel to Sandusky do so via car, whether it is their own car or a rental car obtained upon arrival in the area.  The main reason for this is that Sandusky is too large of a town for walking to be a viable option for most travelers and yet, it is not large enough to have an extensive public transportation system.  Visitors who are interested in public transportation can learn about the limited options available in Sandusky by visiting .  

Drivers only need to know a few major roads in Sandusky to be able to get around relatively easily with the help of a standard street map.  The major interstates which drivers should know are I-80 and I-90 (The Ohio Turnpike:, Route 6, Route 101, Route 4, Route 2 and Route 250.  Drivers should be aware that the streets of Sandusky are set at an angle and tend to run in to each other, particularly in the downtown area.  A map of the area is available online at .