Sandusky is a safe place for travelers to visit, with crime being low in the area and almost non-existent in terms of being directed at travelers.  The main safety concerns for Sandusky visitors are those associated with water and weather safety.  Travelers on vacation in the area sometimes forget to take common sense precautions when visiting nearby Lake Erie, and this is where most dangers occur.  It should be noted that rumors that swimming in Lake Erie is unsafe are not true.  In the past, Lake Erie was plagued with pollution problems, but it has since been cleaned up and it is perfectly safe for swimming and boating.

The main precautions that travelers should take in terms of safety in Sandusky are common sense precautions related to spending too much time out on the lake.  Even when it doesn’t feel too hot outside, the sun is the biggest problem for most visitors.  Travelers spending any amount of time out in the sun, and especially those spending time on the water, should make sure to wear sunscreen, stay in the shade as much as possible and make sure to stay hydrated.  Visitors who drink alcohol are reminded that the effects of alcohol are stronger in the sun and they should watch their consumption accordingly.