Sandusky is a place which is located at the heart of the country and which epitomizes the culture of Midwestern America.  The people of Sandusky have big hearts and like to spend their leisure time enjoying the company of friends and family. Traditional Midwestern culture is a mixture of attitudes (see for more information).

The Midwest was forged by pioneers who were seeking to push west, and yet it was settled by people who were content with what they had and did not need to go pressing further and further until they reached the West coast.  This old attitude of the early days of the area is seen in life in Sandusky today.  This is not an area where the drive for success motivates people beyond all else and it is not an area where technology is always on the cutting edge, but nevertheless, it is a modern city with the amenities and conveniences expected by American visitors.

Qualities which seem to run across the culture of the Midwest include a relatively slow pace of life, closeness with family, and appreciation of nature.  Sandusky is home to family-oriented people who spend their weekends barbecuing with their neighbors.  The stereotypes about Americans loving apple pie and baseball are found to be true in Sandusky in many ways.


A little more personal aspect of Sandusky is the city revolves around it's children.  Great school systems, a pride in the high school athletic teams, plenty of parks and recreation programs show this.