Port Clinton is a good place to relax. In the fall it is very quiet and peaceful. It's a good location to go to Put-In-Bay or Kellys Island. You are close to the water. The drawbacks are that in autumn there is not a lot of things to do. There is also few restaurants and no coffee shops. These are things that they could improve on. The downtown area could use some revamping. The people are friendly. Phil's, which is a local restaurant, has excellent food and a family atmosphere. Some attractions to go to in the fall are the Safari Wildlife Park, you drive through the park while Elks, buffalo's, camels, giraffes, zebra's wildebeast and other exotic animals visit your car, they are very used to people so be careful with your window, they will stick their head in in the car for food. For picturesque scenery you have to visit Marblehead Light house. Especially when there is a firm breeze,  and the water is choppy, it is a beautiful place to visit and just enjoy the view. Take a trip with the Jet Express to either Put-In-Bay or Kellys Island. Keep in mind that in October a lot of shops are closed, just go for the scenery. Definately visit the Commodore Perry Memorial tower, it's about 300 ft high and the views are breath taking.