Oberlin is located about 40 miles south of Cleveland. It’s a small college town that has so much to offer for its size. Oberlin College is there, a center for liberal arts learning and thinking. The Conservatory at Oberlin is one of the best in the country. Any given day, there will be world class concerts given by faculty and students. The town has a beautiful center park called the Quad. The Quad is surrounded by shops, restaurants and the college. On North Main Street is the Allen Memorial Art Museum. This is a world class museum with collections from all eras and disciplines such as paintings by Paul Rubens, Roman and Greek Pottery and Artifacts, and modern sculpture and painting.

On the other side of the Quad is Finney Chapel. This is a beautiful building with gothic architecture and a beautiful-sounding church organ. Once a year, the world class Cleveland Orchestra plays there, as well as artists from all music genres.