Education and fun take flight at Ozone Zipline Adventures. Feel the rush of this high-adventure experience that is re-defining eco-tourism in Ohio!

The anticipation begins just after check-in when you are bussed, gear in hand, up the hill to the staging area. The butterflies truly begin to flutter inside your stomach once you are safely secured inside your state-of-the-art harness and start your way up one of the 9 skybridges located throughout the course.

Once you safely traverse the first skybridge, you suddenly realize you are slowly climbing to the first launching point attached to the 45-foot tall multi-level tower that serves as the hub for multiple jumps.

Now securely clipped to the line, you take one of the biggest steps of your life and begin zipping to the first landing area. At each landing area, your tour guide will teach you all about the history of the land – the ecology, the fossils, the trees and much more.

During your trip around the nearly 2 mile course you will get distant views of Fort Ancient, which has been named a finalist to receive a World Heritage Site Designation. Fort Ancient highlights the magnificent past of the ancient Native American mound-builders in Ohio. It's truly a must see for history buffs and nature lovers.

Your ultimate outdoor experience aboard Ozone Zipline adventures is sure to be something that you will never forget. When it is all said and done, you will have either ventured through the standard 3-hour tour, the expanded 4.5-hour tour or maybe both if you have a full weekend! You will have zipped across more than 6,000 feet of cable and reached heights of 170 feet above the ground!

If you need help planning a trip to ride Ozone Zipline Adventures, check a list of northern Cincinnati hotels for places to stay or view other Cincinnati area attractions.