Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National park is one of the largest of Tasmania's parks and occupies a significant part of the centre of the State.  It's part of Tasmania's World Heritage Wilderness Area.  The park is accessed by road at its northern extremity (Cradle Mountain) and at its southern extremity (Lake St Clair), but the only practical route through the park between these points is by foot along the Overland Track - a six day walk.  Access by vehicle between the northern and southern portions of the park is possible only by main roads outside the park beyond its eastern and western extremities.  Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair are therefore best considered separate destinations, unless you are walking the Overland Track.

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania's most popular park destinations because of the easy access to the spectacular scenery of Cradle Mountain itself and the nearby Dove Lake.  There are many short and day walks available from the Park HQ and from Dove Lake.  Dove Lake is connected to the Park HQ by a regular shuttle bus service. There is a good choice of accommodation just outside the Cradle Mountain park gate, although choices are fairly expensive due to the remoteness of the park.There is limited camping accommodation at Waldheim Cabins inside the park boundary.

Cradle Mountain Park website here.

Lake St Clair is somewhat less accessible than Cradle Mountain, being a two hour drive along the Lyell Highway from Hobart. It is the southern end of the Overland Track.  There is a ferry boat that conects the southern end of the track to the Park HQ and provides tours of the lake.  There is very little accommodation at lake St Clair or nearby Derwent Bridge township.

Lake St Clair Park website here.

There's more information on the Overland Track here.

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