If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to see something amazing book one of the Seal spotting tours. The Seal Colonies are at the estuary of the River Stour, about 2 miles downstream from the Sandwich Quay.

The trips used to leave from the quayside in Sandwich and were easy to see but now because of the food defence works they leave from further up the river, easily walkable or you could phone and find out what time the boat is leaving for the trip as it varies each day according to the tides.  It is an interesting trip to the estuary and not always as picturesque as you might like as the river meanders past the Pfizer premises and a bit of industry.  However this is soon forgotten when you get up close to the seals.  There were at least 12 on the shore and others swimming in the water.  Great photo opportunities. There is a thriving population of them in this area and the max number seen at one time was 96!  If you've never seen seals before then its certainly worth the trip.

After completion of the flood defence works, the trips now depart daily from the Quay opposite The Bell Hotel, near the Barbican. Its a slightly downhill 15 minute walk from Sandwich Railway Station and easy to locate. Capt Collin is the Harbour Master of Sandwich and he owns and operates these trips. They use traditional wooden fishing or life boats with outboard engines. You sit on a wooden bench. Sometimes the boat has a canopy to partially protect you from the elements. All in all a rather different rustic experience. Sometimes the trips leave at 11.30 in the morning at other times its later in the afternoon. The timing depends on the tide. Capt Collin publishes the details at the Sandwich River Bus website at either www.sandwichriverbus.co.uk or www.theriverbus.co.uk  As of June 2014 the rates were GBP 24 per head for the 2 hr trip.

A bonus is the variety of wild birds that you see as you sail down the River Stour to the estuary. Quite possible to see various kinds of Ducks, Shellduck, Gulls, Oystercatcher, Moorhen etc.