If Normal Rockwell painted the perfect village, he would paint Granville, Ohio.  This small college town (home to Denison University) located about 25 miles east of Columbus, OH has many homes and buildings on the national historic register.  Broadway, the main road through the village, is lined with colorful store fronts housing a nice mix of independent businesses including an ice cream parlor, diner, deli, coffee house, gallery, bookstore, boutiques,etc.  Granville's corner drug store has been operating since the turn of the century and includes a soda fountain where you can still get a phosphate. 

What sets Granville's downtown apart from many of its midwestern counterparts? It is truly thriving and immaculately maintained--it has not "devolved" into a  facade of some former self catering only to a tourist trade. The village is truly alive--supported heartily by Granville's dedicated residence who strongly value their small town way of life and the rarity of their little slice of American nirvana .   Development is carefully controlled--no fast food or drive-thrus allowed. 

If you enjoy strolling tree-lined sidewalks amidst immaculately maintained historic homes, browsing through small shops, and eating in independent restaurants, Granville is the town for you.   Granville is very pedestrian friendly. 

Denison University has a multi-acre bio-preserve that has many nature trails.  

The Granville Golf course has been operating since 1929 and is a beautiful course.  There is also a bike path through town, several parks, a small swimming lake, a number of  museums and architecturally signifigant buildings and churches. 

The Granville Inn is a beautiful, old stone Inn with fine dining.  The Buxton in is "haunted", includes fine dining, and is the oldest continually operating Inn in Ohio.  There are a couple of B&Bs in town as well. 

Denison University's influence adds to the town's character bringing to this small village many culture opportunities.   In neighboring Newark Ohio,  you can see ancient indian mounds and visit the Heisey Museum. 

Visit Granville's website for more info and photos.  www.granville.oh.us