Columbus is not exactly a small town, but it’s not a huge metropolitan city either. It is not overly difficult to navigate Columbus, and with a little bit of help from a  GPS device or smartphone or a paper map or access to Mapquest, it’s easy to find any destination.

There are a few main highways that run through Columbus. For anyone wanting to go east or west, Interstate 70 is the best option. There are two main routes that run north-south through Columbus, and those are Interstate 71 and State Route 315. There are also a couple of other highways (I-270 and I-670) that circle the city.

For visitors wishing to rent a car while in town, there are many locations throughout Columbus where they can be obtained – including Port Columbus International Airport.

There is a public transportation system in Columbus that is run by the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA). It’s often a good idea to use the public transportation system to get to a festival or community event so that parking does not become an issue. The COTA website contains fare information, bus schedules, and bus route information.