The city of Columbus, Ohio is dedicated to the safety and well-being of its residents and any visitors who happen to be in the city. The City of Columbus has a Department of Public Safety which is responsible for managing and operating Columbus’ police, fire and communications departments.

The police department in Columbus has a mission to try and keep residents of and visitors to the city as safe as possible. They do so by patrolling the city and attempting to prevent any and all crimes against people and property from happening.

The Columbus fire department is trained to respond to any fire or emergency in the city. The department is also there to respond to any sort of natural or man-made disaster that may happen within Columbus.

The City of Columbus also has a communications department that is responsible for all public alert systems – such as severe weather warnings and security of public buildings. They are also constantly upgrading the other communications systems used for public safety.

As with every city in the United States, anyone may dial 9-1-1 to receive emergency response services. In non-emergency situations, such as crimes that are not in progress or to report something not life-threatening, the following phone number should be used: 614-645-4545.