Columbus has a public transportation system that currently consists of busses. The system is known as, “COTA,” which stands for Central Ohio Transit Authority . The bus system in the city is extensive and busses carry several thousand passengers every week.

Bus schedules and route maps are available on COTA’s website, as well as information related to public transportation services available to anyone with a disability. COTA does offer another service called, “Project Mainstream” to anyone who does not have the ability to ride on the regular busses in the system. Project Mainstream provides additional transportation services to people who qualify. Anyone needing this special service must apply for it and be approved by COTA.

Public transportation in this city has been around since the early 1970s. The system went through a series of problems in the early 70s, but all of the issues were worked out by 1974. Now, the system is funded by sales tax and the system successfully and efficiently runs almost 300 busses every day.

The future of the public transportation system in Columbus and Central Ohio may include a light rail or a “Fasttrax” system. As of 2005, the proposed new transit system was still in its preliminary stages, but it’s expected that sometime in 2006 there will be a decision made as to the future of the project.