Columbus, Ohio is a city filled with sights to see and things to do. There are many books available with recommendations on what should not be missed while visiting the area.

Here are a few…

“Insiders' Guide to Columbus, Ohio,” by Shawnie Kelley is a book that contains in-depth information on Columbus. The book was written for people thinking about either moving to or visiting the area. Some of the places that are suggested in the book are the Columbus Zoo, the campus of the Ohio State University, and the most popular shopping areas. The book also has information on where the best places for children are located and the characteristics of the neighborhoods that make up Columbus.

“Travel Smart: Ohio,” by Marcia Schonberg is a book that makes it easy to create a detailed itinerary for a trip to Columbus and Ohio. Some of the sights suggested in her book are outside of Ohio, but the detailed information she provides should be enough to allow individuals to decide whether or not they’d enjoy visiting those destinations.

“Ohio Off the Beaten Path,” by George and Carol Zimmermann is a book that talks about everything except the touristy areas in Ohio. The Zimmermanns focus on the places that are out of the way and more “local” than the tourist traps. It’s a book designed for people who would like to discover some of the less-known (but fantastic) areas in Ohio.