Called the “New American City” and named the “Most Livable City of 2005” in the United States, Cleveland is a city full of history and traditions as well. There are some books that the traveler mat like to read to know what makes Cleveland a truly American city of yesterday and today.

Sara Holbrook gives some answers in her What's So Big About Cleveland, Ohio? beautifully illustrated by Ennis McNulty. For a historical overview of the city, take a look at Cleveland Then & Now by John Grabowski and Diane Ewart Grabowski. You will find historical photography of the city as it was one hundred years ago and images of the changes in the urban landscape as we can see it today.

Euclid Avenue: Cleveland's Sophisticated Lady, 1920-1970 by Richard Karberg and Jim Toman describe the changes of this avenue so dear to Cleveland’s history. For a more comprehensive looks onto the city’s architecture, there is Cleveland's Downtown Architecture by Shawn Patrick Hoefler.

A book that you will certainly love is Cleveland Food Memories: A Nostalgic Look Back at Food We Loved, the Places We Bought it, and the People Who Made It Special. Its author Gail Ghetia Bellany introduces the reader to the rich food tradition of Cleveland. You'll discover historical Cleveland as a place of bakeries, small stores where customers could buy fresh cheese, milk, or mouthwatering thick cakes that can only be homemade, jam, fruit pies, real bagels, that is to say when “food was local.”