Dragonfly Café Provides lunch and dinner, and coffee during the day. The price of a main course is around $20. Relaxed dining on the verandah. Licensed and drinks are reasonably priced. Located in Camelot Rd opposite Ferntree Resort. Booking recommended.  Arrive by 8.00pm or the kitchen will close. One of the highlights is the White-lipped Green Tree Frog which lives in the pond next to the verandah. Can be variable - wonderful one day and disappointing the next, but the setting makes it a fantastic place regardless. Just be patient.

The Beach House Located 2 km north of Cape Trib, it is necessary to park your car and walk 400 metres down to the restaurant which is located just behind the beach. There is a swimming pool right next to the dining area, so you can sit and relax and watch your children in the pool at the same time. Main courses are between $13 and $25. Licensed and drinks are reasonably priced. This is a great place to come in the late afternoon and walk on the beach and then have an early dinner. You can also make it a lunch destination walking north from PKs along Myall Beach and over the Cape - allow about an hour to do the beach walk to the Beach House from downtown Cape Trib. The Kangaroo Fillet is wonderful.

Cape Tribulation Resort —Ferntree – Cassowary Cafe Located on Camelot Road, opposite Dragonfly. The dining pavilion is built over a stream which flows in the wet season. A pleasant, peaceful, rainforest ambience. Has pizzas, steak, pasta and salad. You can order take-away pizza. Best to turn up after the rush has died down around 7.30pm. You only need to have an entree size pasta, and the pasta with prawns in it is highly recommended.

Cape Tribulation Resort—Coconut Beach – The Cape Restaurant Located on the main road, 2 km to the south of Cape Trib. As you drive south, the restaurant car park is on your left, on the beach side of the road and accommodation on the inland side of the road. From the restaurant car park you follow the boardwalk across the swamp for 50 metres and come to The Long House. Lunch until 3pm and dinner. Dinner is expensive - $25-30 for the main course. This is the swishest place to dine at Cape Trib - serviettes, waiter service, etc. The wine is really expensive. Have a drink elsewhere before you go. They do have a good cocktail bar so you can drink cocktails by the pool. The buffet lunch is a very good deal with a full range of salads and cold meats and desserts of cake and tropical fruit. Recommended for a special occasion.

The Boardwalk Cafe Located on the main road, just opposite PK’s Jungle Village is open from 10am until 4 pm Offers hamburgers, steak sandwiches and similar items. This used to be a thriving business and meeting place but has slowly died since Voyages took it over when they bought both resorts, and they moved the pizza oven up to Cassowary Cafe.

Myall Creek Takeaway Located at Masons Shop. Good reports including freshly baked cakes.

PKs Jungle Village Located on the main road opposite the Take-Away. Provides budget priced meals for both lunch and dinner. Main course between $10 and $15. Lunch is about $7—a hamburger with chips being a popular choice. Swimming pool is located just off the verandah near the bar, so it is possible to sit and watch the pool while you eat. Licensed and drinks are reasonably priced. This is also the local pub, and you can expect to find drunks.

Daintree Bar Behind Ferntree Reception is the old original backpackers restaurant and kitchen built in 1981 and called the Jungle Lodge. You can get drinks up here, watch TV, swim and hang out. No food sold here, but you could order take-away pizza.

Thornton Beach—Café-on-Sea 20 minutes drive to the south of Cape Trib. The Cooper Creek cruises and walks are located nearby so it makes a good location for lunch after completing one of these tours. It is located right on the beach, with a lovely beach walk south to the mouth of Coopers Creek (10 minutes). Lunch every day. Home made calamari - highly recommended.

Heritage Lodge 25 minutes drive to the south. You cross Coopers Creek and take the signposted turn off— 100 metres on your right, into Turpentine Rd. Heritage Lodge is about 1 km along this road on the right. A small family operated business set amidst the rainforest along the banks of Cooper Creek. The restaurant has outside dining by the pool, and is perched on a bluff above the creek and a wonderful deep swimming hole (crocodile free). The Cooper Creek cruises and walks are located nearby so it makes a good location for lunch after completing one of these tours, and you can have a refreshing swim at the same time. Good reports from guests

Lynchaven  25 minutes drive to the south. Café and take-away. Has a good range of home cooked meals.