Yal-ku Lagoon is wonderful for both adults and children.  There are no  ocean waves.  There are several easy entry stairs with railing into the lagoon. Easy, gentle slow paced snorkeling.  Great variety of  gorgeous fish that  are not intimidated by humans.  But please no feeding the fish. Note that there is no sandy area for sunbathing on the shore or for entertaining young children. Entry into the lagoon is by jumping off a rocky ledge, or using stairs to enter in approximately 6-7 feet deep water. Take caution when bringing younger children who are not comfortable if they can't touch the bottom or enter by walking in from land.

Admission is $9.00 U.S.A.  or 95 pesos.  Limited palapa rentals are $20US for the day if you would like an area with seating, shade and privacy. Beer is sold at the concession at the site. Buy their biodegradable sunscreen or bring biodegradable that you've purchased elsewhere.  Wear a t-shirt -- even on an overcast day you can really get a sunburn.  There are eco-friendly elevated pit toilets and an outside shower.  Definitely bring an underwater camera -- there are fabulous photo ops.  Great flora and fauna, garden sculpture and places to sit and take in the beauty.  Fabulous place to spend all or part of a day.  There is a snack bar.  Open 8 - 5:30 daily.