sign of heaven is close 

Enjoy the wonderful beach at Akumal Bay with the great restaurant Lol-ha.. and do some world class shore-snorkling  - lots of turtles and colourful coral fish . The restaurent Lol-ha is excellent and the whole place is very relaxed and not to expensive. 

 heaven LOL HA

Maybe later to Yal-ku lagoon.. lots of fish and good snorkling.. entres around's a 15-20 minute walk from the beach.

Yal -ku lagoon life

There are plenty of good places to eat and have a drink. At the entrance you will find a supermarket and a street kitchen on your right entrering the area.  That's another good and cheap place to grab a snack.. real good Mexican food.

taco place at the entrancemy best destinations

 At night  you won't find too much action around this area.. all the swimming and snorkling tend to call for an early sandman visit.