Pioneer Village 1

Walter Wright Pioneer Park represents a cherished part of Dawson Creek history.  Situated right on the outskirts of the city on the Alaska Highway, the park is a heritage site that explores the rich agricultural history of the area before the construction of the Alaska Highway.

Sudetan Hall sits at the entrance to the village and is one of the original community halls built by the Sudetan Germans who immigrated to this area in 1939 to escape persecution in Nazi Germany.  

The buildings have been arranged along a street and are easily accessed by a raised wooden boardwalk.  Most of the building are from the early 1900's and are furnished with well preserved artifacts from the period.

There are many outbuildings that surround the main street and a large collection of farm equipment and implements from a time when both horses and tractors provided the power.

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A church that is regularly booked for summer weddings sits at the far end of the street and is the entrance to the walking path through Gardens North and memorial garden.

Great care and attention to detail was given to the village, it is well maintained and easy to get to.  Just drive north on the Alaska Highway for about 1 mile.