Fargo is an interesting city whose residents have a rich culture and follow many local traditions. The population of the city is continuing to grow and it is actually the biggest city located between Minneapolis and Spokane .

Following are a few facts about Fargo that first-time visitors might benefit from knowing :

Fargo is a very safe city and has an extremely low crime rate.

The people who live in Fargo are very nice and are friendly and welcoming to all visitors. It is a very rare occasion when visitors are not treated extremely well by locals during their stay.

The population of the city of Fargo is about one hundred thousand people. The metropolitan Fargo-Moorhead area (including the adjacent city of Moorhead MN is about 180,000).  However, the population continues to grow each year.

North Dakota is a large state in terms of land mass. The city of Fargo lies next to North Dakota ’s border with Minnesota .

The average daily temperature in Fargo is probably considered “cold” by most people. However, the locals tend to think their summer months (part of June, July, August, and part of September) are quite warm – which they are compared to the winter months.  Summer temperatures range in the 70's (June) to 80s and 90s (July-August).

The average number of inches of snow that Fargo sees over the course of a calendar year is about 48. The city also receives about 20 inches of rain per year.