Winston-Salem is full of opportunities for shopping. The city is home to the state's biggest shopping all, the downtown area is full of shops, and Old Salem is an antique, craft and gift shopper's paradise. The charming colonial settlement village is completely full of charming boutiques and souvenir gift stores.

The Hanes Mall, which is North Carolina's largest is located at Silas Parkway and the whole area surrounding is also full of stores, known as Hanes Mall Boulevard. If you want to get major shopping done in one area, this is where to do it.

Old Salem is one of America's best old colonial settlement restorations and is a National Historic Landmark. The village is full of charming stores such as the Old Toy Museum's shop, an arts bookstore, the Winkler Bakery for fresh baked goods, the J. Blum Printer & Merchant  full of beautiful paper goods and more. Not to be missed is the T. Bagge: Merchant. This store still occupies the building it did upon opening in 1775, then on Main Street. They sell many craft and gifts, toys and more. Of course they also have the "Old Souvenir Shop" so you are sure not to leave empty-handed.