Getting tourist board information right before and even during your vacation in North Carolina, can really help you benefit from the most up-to-date details about the region you are visiting. Perhaps there is a festival occurring that is new on the calendar that a tourist board can help you with.

Speaking of events, Winston-Salem has a great website strictly dedicated to city events that you can visit to stay updated, The city has a general online tourist board that is extremely helpful and insightful, visit it by clicking here. You may visit them directly once in the city at 200 Brookstown Avenue or email them: Old Salem also has an online tourist board that will educate you about the National Historic Landmark. You can visit their website and request free informatio to be sent to you which is incredibly convenient.

More generally speaking, you can also pay a visit to the state of North Carolina's online tourist board. If you are driving to Winston-Salem this site can be particularly of help so that you can plan what cities to stop in on the way and also because they provide detailed maps of North Carolina.