Winston Salem is a great example of an American dream. When the Moravian Church sent a bishop south to search for a new home, he spent months, very sick with Malaria at times, in search of the perfect place. Eventually a town was born and hard working people made it prosper. Their history is an interesting and rich one and the very reason many people come to Winston Salem--to soak up on history and visit one of America's best colonial settlement sites, Old Salem. Reading up on the history of these twin cities upon arrival can really enrich one's understanding of its culture and roots and thus enhance a vacation.

Starting from the beginning, you can pick up " Winston Salem: A History" by Frank V. Tursi to learn all about the Moravian settlement here in the late 1700s and on. For history accompanied by great photography check out "Winston-Salem's Historic West End (Images o America: North America) (Images of America)" by J. Eric Elliott. Similarly and also great is: "Winston Salem in Vintage Postcards (Postcard HIstory : North Carolina) (Postcard History)" by Molly Grogan Rawls. Also with more of a focus on the ever-interesting Old Salem, read "A Walk Through Old Salem" by Walter Stone and "North Carolina & Old Salem Cookery" by Beth Tartan.

Bikers heading to the area should definitely look into "Great Bike Rides in and Around Winson-Salem" by Judi Lawson Wallace, Ken Putham, Ken Putnam, and Christine Rucker.