Chapel Hill is an excellent place for families to plan to travel to together.  It is a college town, which is generally considered to be pretty safe, and travelers have found that they do not have to worry about safety or health concerns in the area even when traveling with small children.  About the worst they are likely to encounter is a group of drunken college kids and that’s only if they go out on the town late at night with their kids.

In addition to be safe, there are plenty of entertaining and educational things which families can do together to keep their trip fun and exciting.   Travelers who like to make sure that their kids learn a lot about the local area they are visiting should make it a point to check out the local museums in the area.   (See for more information.)   Kids especially love the science center and planetarium located at the University of North Carolina .   Pretty soon, there will be a museum specifically designed for children.   See for updated information about that museum.

Travelers who are more interested in getting outdoors and having fun with their kids will find that there are lots of opportunities to do so.  The nearby state parks offer much in the way of swimming, hiking and picnicking for families to enjoy together.