Chapel Hill is a city where there are four definite and distinct seasons.  They offer pretty much what travelers would expect in terms of the weather, with warm summers and cold winters.  The autumn is particularly beautiful in the area because of the colors of the changing leaves and the cool breezes in the air at night.  Despite being a place with four seasons, it offers a relatively moderate climate.  The summers are not unbearably hot and the winters are not especially cold.

The average summer high temperature in Chapel Hill is just eighty nine degrees with mild to moderate levels of humidity making it feel slightly warmer.  The average winter low temperature in the area is just twenty seven degrees which is barely below freezing.  This balances out to create a climate in which the average annual temperature is between a beautiful seventy degrees (for a high) and a comfortable forty eight degrees (for a low).

It snows during the coldest months of the year, but the average annual snowfall is below eight inches.  It rains during the spring, with the average annual rainfall for the area being just below fifty inches.  Additional information is available at .