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Back in the Age if Industrialization, the Village of Skaneateles was a suburb of Mottville because that was / is where the water power is. In the 1800's Skaneateles Creek was dotted with water-wheel powered factories for cloth and distilleries and grain and more.

When the City of Syracuse exercized their rights to Skaneateles Lake water they essentially drained the ckeek and the industry was devastated. Worse, the New York Central Railroad located their tracks 5 miles north , essentially cutting off the Village. Fortunately, several local businessmen invested in, and built,  the Skaneateles Short Line Railroad. (As an aside, at only 5 miles long, it is thought to be the shortest railroad in the history of America).

The Village was back in the black. Wealthy vacationers traveled from Northeast cities to connect to the steamboats, and then to the Glen Haven Water Spa or the Steamboat company's private point for an evening of dancing and partying. (gone today).

The Steamboats are gone, but replaced with Mid Lakes Navigation Tour Boat Cruises.

Today, the railroad and tracks are gone, but you can walk or bike along the old track beds and see the remnants of factories and waterwheels and spillways of days-gone-by. Printed Guide maps are available in many Village locations. A location Map is available here.

You can learn more about Railroads, Steamboats and Skaneateles History at TheSkaneateles Historical Society