Salisbury Mills, NY is a hamlet located between Cornwall to the East and Washingtonville to the West. in Orange County, about one and one half hours north of New York City. The population is about 1,600 people. In 1721 Vincent Matthews became the first white settler in the area, having purchased several hundred acres from Phillip Van Dam and others who were given a patent here. Matthews developed a settlement and built a gristmill at the waterfall on the Moodna Creek. He named his estate Matthewsfield. Salisbury Mills possibly derives its name from a local resident, perhaps his daughter, whose name was Sally. For over 200 years the hamlet had a series of mills at he waterfall, producing flour, gun-powder (during the American Revolution), textiles and paper. At one time, when the mill was in its heyday, there were seven bars in the hamlet. An old sign hangs in front of a three family house that was once The Chimney Door.  Loughran's a very popular restaurant is located on another local "watering hole"site. The Moodna Creek, which runs through this area for about 16 miles, goes through the present day Storm King Art Center and into the Hudson River.

The Caldwell family emigrated from the Northern part of Ireland, bought 50 acres and lived in the hamlet for 150 years. They owned a gristmill, were in the tanning business and had a general store. They occupied three houses. The centerpiece of these houses has been a bed and breakfast since 1999.

Mel Gibson, noted actor and director, lived in Salisbury Mills, for about three years in the 1960's before his family moved to Australia.