One great place to take the kids is the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, located along Poughkeepsie ’s historic waterfront at 75 North Water Street . The museum offers two floors of hands-on experiences to enlighten children’s minds through a fun and creative learning environment. The interactive exhibits include the Hudson River Dive Bell, which provides the sounds, lights and motion effects of a submarine, and lets users view live Hudson River fish through the portals. The Battle for Liberty exhibit lets visitors pretend to be a king, experience an old jail, declare freedom as they ring the Liberty Bell, and do some pretend cooking at a colonial hearth. Through the Virtual Reality exhibit kids can play basketball and soccer inside the museum, play ball in outer space, and ride on a raindrop. And the Dinosaur Exhibit features a 15-foot stegosaurus, a velociraptor, a sand table and fossil dig, as well as related puzzles and books. There is also much more, including a telegraph, a bubble machine, a geography center, and a horizontal rock climbing wall.