Armeni port is an old, small port under the cliff of Oia. It is located 350-400 meters under Oia. It is very quiet place with some houses and a small tavern. Normally is better to be there after 1st of May every season and till the end of September as long as the rest of the year the winds are strong and maybe it has big waves and normally no place to stand.

Usually it is used from small boats, traditional wooden boats that made the very well-known boat trips around Santorini or by private luxury yachts.

 It is one of the ideal places to rest, sunbathe and swim away from the noisy and cozy places of Santorini. Around armeni there many small places like caves and rocky beaches in which you can enjoy a private and quiet swim and sunbathe. There is alco small clifs in which anyone can lay there or make diving which is not so highly recommended because of the rocky surface of the bottom of the sea and because of the small boats that passing around.


The colour of the rocks around is black and red because of the volcano which is not far from the port and can be viewed from there.

 Armeni port is also well-known from the 275 steps from the pedestrian of Oia till the coast. It is easily to find the way to the stairways as it is located around in the middle of the main pedestrian of Oia. Actually most people say that is like hidden stairs but can be easily found as it is around 50 meters away from the main square of Oia and near the restaurant Skala.

 From the stairways you can enjoy the view of many other hidden and old places and caves of Oia. The way down is magical and some parts of the road ar covered just with sand. During the summer months sometimes might be a little bit wormer than the rest of Oia as it is inside the caldera and no north wind affects the place. So anyone who wants to try better be prepared by carrying a bottle of wates and soft clothes.

The way up (without wating to scare anyone) is a little bit harder, especially for those that smoke or have health problems. The trick is to make many stops till you climb up to the main pedestrian. There is also another trick. At the beginning of stairways on the way from the port to the peedestrian there are many mules which are used as to help the tourists to climb up the stairs. For some euros you can ret one of them to take you a ride up. The people who like walk and climbing will love the whole scene. It is also a very good place for the lovers of nudism.