Niagara Falls has a long history of attention-grabbing performances. From 63-year-old Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to go over the Falls in a barrel, to Jean François Gravelet, the first to cross it on a tightrope, the Falls and the surrounding area has been a magnet for spectacles and the people who love to create them. But even for the more timid at heart, and there are plenty of programs in the performing arts—plays and concerts, indoors and out—to keep visitors and locals alike entertained (dry and uninjured).

But the best time for the performing arts in Niagara Falls is summer. Summertime means the peak of tourist season, and along with it comes a whole host of outdoor performances aimed at marrying great music and top-notch drama with breathtaking natural scenery and historic locations. Almost every day of the week, somewhere around the region somewhere there is an outdoor concert. The Artpark Tuesday in the Park concert series (held weekly starting in June in Lewiston) has been so successful and has become so jam-packed with national touring acts that organizers have started up a Wednesday concert series as well, aimed more at showcasing local talent. Also starting in June, more concerts are held Fridays at Falkner Park in Youngstown.