Everyone knows the Hamptons....a beach-lined retreat for the weary NYC socialite who desires an escape from the dense heat of the city but cannot fathom the possibility of allowing her new Burberry bikini to go unadmired by her peers. Enter Montauk, a hamlet within the Town of East Hampton, the "un-Hampton" as locals would call it, and almost conspicuous in its unconspicuousness. Those who travel to Montauk do not go to "be-seen" but rather, they go to disappear, if only for a weekend. Montauk is a rare, refreshingly unpretentious hideaway, dotted with beaches, state parks, and unspoilt, undeveloped land--in fact, over half of Montauk's land is public and devoid of manmade construction. There is little opportunity for showboating here, as most travel to town by bicycle, and spend their time sunning on a beach lined with grassy dunes, chartering a fishing boat, or exploring the hiking trails in one of several parks. Opportunity for shopping downtown is modest, as is the nightlife, perhaps intentionally so, as those who truly come to relax will not be deterred by such. The local fishmarkets serve freshly caught seafood at sunset on the harbor, an experience not to be missed by visitors. If you travel to Montauk, don't forget your flip flops and sunscreen, but leave the Blackberry and Mercedes SUV at home.