The Wild Center has received strong reviews from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The museum covers the natural history of the Adirondacks in a 54,000 square-foot building surrounded by a 31-acre campus that includes both a pond and river frontage. There are regular outdoor hikes and activities, including free snow shoes for use in the winter. Inside it has live exhibits, including an indoor river  filled with trout and other fish, hours of multi media films, a wide screen theater with high definition Adirondack films, plenty of hands on exhibits and a staff ready to show people around. The live animals include a crew of river otters who swim in their own waterfall and pool built into the river that runs around the inside of the museum.

The museum was designed by the same firm that did the National AIr & Space Museum in Washington, DC. You enter into a soaring hall with a glacier on one side, a complete lean-to and huge windows that overlook a pond that laps against the glass.  It is also the first LEED certified museum in New York, a top green building award, and all of its green building practices are on exhibit. It has the largest solar array in the Adirondacks, a parking lot that grows grass and is heated with renewable energy. Tours of the green building dimensions are offered.

Here is The Wall Street Journal review.

The Wild Center is a 35 minute drive from Lake Placid. The drive passes by a number of scenic lakes.

The Adirondack Museum is about 45 minutes past The Wild Center. The Adirondack Museum covers more of the human history of the park, and included exhibits on rustic furniture, architecture and has an extensive wooden boat collection.

Another live attraction is a family horseback riding adventure at the Lake Placid Club. Horses used at this stable have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances. Safe for children of all ages, great for beginners, and experts alike. You can plan your family vacation and incorporate the Adirondack Equine Center at the Lake Placid Club. Views of the high peaks, Mirror Lake, and ski jumps.